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Orange Infused Sweet Ricotta Peach Cookies

People will love you forever if you make them these orange infused sweet ricotta peach cookies! They are a labor of love, but a truly impressive dessert that you’ll want to keep eating.  Ingredients: 1 cup granulated sugar, for coating the cookies liquid food coloring in red or pink rum (or peach liqueur; optional) mint leaves or other leaf decorations (optional) Cookies 4 […]

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Peach Pie Tortilla Rolls

If you want to eat healthy and sweet deliciousness, you should make these Peach Pie Tortilla Rolls! Peach filling, wrapped in crispy cinnamon shell is everything you could ever want in a healthy pie peach.  Instead of a traditional pie crust, these beauties are wrapped in a maple-glazed almond flour tortilla, then baked into toasty […]